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I'm Miss Starling, a singer-songwriter, who grew up in an artistic family in Gouda, the Netherlands. I have always been interested in various art disciplines, such as theater, dance, poetry, visual arts and of course music. I have been writing my own songs since I was fifteen. My songs belong to the genre alternative pop. My music is described as “very fresh” and “quirky” and I am praised by many for the uniqueness of my voice. I've done various solo performances and I have performed at several festivals, in theaters and at living room concerts. Why do I call herself Miss Starling? I use the bird as a metaphor for how I view people. From far away you see a small bird that seems boring and unicoloured, but when you get closer to the starling you suddenly see all its colours. People are also like this. You have to get closer to see each other’s colours. It must come from two sides. You must expose yourself to others, but others must also listen carefully. In my lyrics I try to be as honest as possible about what I feels and experience. That way I hope to touch and inspire others.
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