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On April 25th, Femke made the first picture of what would later become the iconic figure of Pins For Sale. For a few years she produced experimental beats and songs on her own in her bedroom. After releasing her songs on SoundCloud, she decided to take it to the next level. With bigger things in mind, she started collaborating and releasing songs under the name Pins For Sale. "My dream has always been to create art with as much creative people as I can. I would like to invite everyone to think beyond modern daily life. I want to make the unimaginable imaginable. I started out as a singer. In my personal experience, I found out people have certain expectations of modern singers. But I knew I wasn't someone to follow the rules. So I thought: 'screw it, I'm gonna do whatever the heck I want'. Do what you LOVE. That's the most important thing. I also want to invite people to look at their idols with a different mindset. Some find the visual identity of Pins For Sale controversial. I rather call it being your true self. Why can't I be myself if this is what I want to be? I want Pins For Sale to be a playground for everyone who want to express their feelings in their own way. I want to welcome everyone to my world with open arms. So please, make your self at home... Welcome".
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