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My Name is Feikje Douwina. I've always had an incredible passion for music. I started making/writing music from a very young age. Only recently i decided to take it to a more proffessional level. That's when I started working eith with 'Van Der Tholen Productions'. I love making music and writing songs. Inspiration also hits me at the weirdest times. I've got litteraly over 100 songs written down on receipts, napkins, tioletpaper, anything embarrasing really. But that's what I love about music and creativity, you can't really control it, nor would I want to. I prefer writing the old fashioned way, it just works for me. I'm very excited about the music that I'm about to release this year. The music I write is coming right from my heart, I love God and I will write a lot about Him, He is mainly the reason I do what I do. Who have you worked with?
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Kevin van der Tholen
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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