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Hi, I'm Sven. I’m 22 years old and brought up in Hoogkarspel, Noord-Holland. I am a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and producer. I played (and sang) a lot of Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran in my bedroom when I was younger, as well as instrumental fingerstyle pieces from artists like Andy McKee. I studied for primary education teacher in Amsterdam for two years, but music got in the way. So, last year I moved to London to study Songwriting at the ICMP. This september I will be back in Amsterdam, ready to pursue a full-time music career. I’m currently working on my debut EP for my indie-folk/pop artist project (Sven Ross). Besides this I sometimes write for others and I’m planning to do more of that in the (near) future.
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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