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ANN KING is a singer, songwriter and a passionate performer whose strong voice has a wide range. Ever since she was born, she has been inseparable from music. Growing up, she performed everywhere showcasing her voice in musicals and her own music in The Netherlands and Belgium. She first appeared on to the music scene in 2015 as ANEMARY when she released several singles and her debut EP Truthfully. As ANEMARY she performed in London and at big festivals such as Bevrijdingsfestival, The Life I Live and Fringe Festival. In 2018 she released her last single as ANEMARY which won the 3FM Elevator Pitch. The talented singer has grown up, and it shows through her work. Her music sounds more like the person she is becoming; starting 2019 with a new attitude and a new name to match it -ANN KING. She has released 4 new songs with videos and a 7 track EP, next to making her debut as an author, releasing a poetry book titled “Seasons Come, Seasons Go” and touring through Austria with her live-band. The book is written inspired by her songwriting process towards her EP Fake Flowers, which was released April the 14th. While working on new music, you can also find Ann in the studio with several different artists, co-writing and composing songs for them. Driven by passion and determination it’s hard to believe that this multi-talented young artist is only standing at the beginning of her career and with new music out, it’s time for Ann King to make her mark in the music industry.
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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