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Jara de Werd is an Amsterdam based producer and songwriter, who hails from the west of the Netherlands, and who has graduated from one of the most prestigious Dutch pop music academies; the Herman Brood Academy. Currently Jara is focussing on writing and producing for a variety of artist projects both national and international. One of the latest projects he has worked on was for the London based band Dutchkid, who have released their EP 'Youth' on Ultra Records. Being one of the new wave pop producers, Jara focusses on being innovative in the pop world, blending a variety of genres with a modern electronic sound, without losing eye on the essentials of a good pop song.
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i have worked with
Dutchkid, Ruben Pol, Steve James, James Watts, Maya Mae, Chiara Castelli, The Galaxy, Twan Ray, Haas, Stealth, Laura Tesoro, Elle Hollis, Daimy Lotus, Susan H, CATALI, Junge Junge, SJUR, Glen Faria, Brad Mair, Tom Martin, Kyle Pierce
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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