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N!SMO is a 20 year old Artist and Producer who is known for his bass heavy and melodic music. 
 Born Attila Jordan Blesgen in Bad Honnef, Germany, hew grew up playing guitar. His love for creating and making melodies and music flowed naturally into his electronic music production, which he started as a teenager. He started under the names DJ Jordy, Maarten, and Oroszland before doling out his music under the name N!SMO. 
 The name “N!SMO” refers to his colorblindness. 
 In 2017 N!SMO began to study music at the university of Bonn and followed a music school for modern music production besides that. He also started to DJ in a local club. 
 In 2018 N!SMO had his musical debut with “Places” and “Happy Birthday”. 
 In 2019 N!SMO presented a Festival Anthem called “Never Stop the Rave” which got added to major Spotify playlists like Germany Top 50 Viral, EDM Viral and EDM New. 
 In 2020, after a year of working on different Project with other artists, he came back with the Club track “Out of My Mind”. 
 In the future we can expect more music and more shows, so stay tuned and keep on raving!
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i have worked with
Timbo, Exyt, EAProject, Whistler
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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