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Amsterdam born Max Vermeulen is 20 years old and is known as an Electronic Pop Artist and Producer. In 2017 Max starts at the prestigious Herman Brood Academy for a three year DJ & producer study. He released his first solo track ‘Get Away’ with Seattle-based singer Edgar Sandoval Jr. In October 2017 Max made his Amsterdam Dance Event . In 2018 Max Vermeulen took some serious steps forward. He won the DJ contest of the biggest under 18 festival of the world, We Are The Future. Played his first festivals and every weekend you found him in clubs all around the Netherlands. Even during Amsterdam Dance Event Max played at several events. In 2018 Max released Summergirl and Crazy Love, which have been released as an independent artist on his own label. For this tracks Max received big support on big radio stations and from Brooks, Mesto, JustinMylo and SamFeldt. 2019 was a year of developing himself musically and show-wise. Max has built a studio complex where he can now work 24/7 on his new music. Show-wise Max played again his first 10 Asia shows in the end of 2019.7 shows in 7 different cities throughout whole China. Find out more about that on his socials. On January 1st of 2020 he made his debut on the Mainstage of ISY Music Festival on the tropical island of Hainan, Sanya. Alongside the No1. DJ’s of the world, Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake and many more. It’s time now to play all around the world and show the brand-new Max Vermeulen music.
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