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Starting at a young age, UNIVĒR found herself amidst a variety of different cultures. From her North-African home to her very Dutch experience at school; both the differences and the similarities in the cultures fascinated her. It ignited a longing for extreme opposites in her art. She was experimenting with dancing on the edge of discomfort with her poetry and fictional writing by the age of 10. While growing up, UNIVĒR realized why almost all types of art had been such an important part of her life. She loved story telling. It is the core of her music to this day. In no way does the twenty year old strive for perfection in sound unless it is, of course, part of the story. So don’t let her silky vocals fool you. The messages she involves in her music are barely ever as velvety as her voice. Expect truthful lyrics. Pure, but rough at the edges.
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Sevendays, Asiah, Lone Buddha Beats
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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