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Hi! So I'm Yael, I started playing classical piano when I was 6 and singing lessons (choir & solo) when I was 8. I was very much into jazz and pop music then, and mainly wrote songs by myself for a long time until I rolled into the songwriting scene in Amsterdam accidentally, by writing a pop song with a friend (Tim Blok) who was then signed to CTM publishing. What followed were a series of writing camps, meeting more and more writers, singers and producers day by day, writing and doing some vocals for advertisements, etc. In addition, I've had an Amsterdam-based jazz quartet for a while. 

 In sessions I mainly sing & create melodies and lyrics. My keys skills aren’t as good as they were, so please don’t expect me to play a classical sonata by now ;). When I play keys (or very basic-level ukulele or guitar), I often let them follow the vocal melodies I make. Usually I follow the sound of a melody that I write quite intuitively, let the lyrics grow naturally as well, and shape the final lyric with the melody or afterwards, but I do also enjoy starting off more concept-driven. I like writing with and for others, and am in the process of deciding where to go with my own project. When co-writing, I like to create and work in a safe environment where there are no wrongs, where everyone feels free to speak up, and where change is always an option :).
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i have worked with
Tom Martin, Bradley Mair, Loek van der Grinten, Tom Meijer, Rik Annema, Leon Palmen, Melle Jutte, Neil Hollyn, Ruben Pol, Emma Bale, Zay...many men though when I think about it!
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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