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It does me good to make people happier through music. The right music at a party ensures that people enjoy, dance and laugh with each other. Regardless of age and origin. I like to see that as a DJ & Producer. My goal has always been to work in the music world. I have always been fascinated by music. Since I was in high school, I used my own DJ set to practice with. A year later I was allowed to run in a club in my area. This gave me even more the urge to do something with music. I love seeing other people enjoy when I'm spinning, on the music I like or even produce myself. This gives me a kick, because this is what I put my energy, passion and time into. With the help of this training I mainly want to create my own sound and style, try all genres and be open to all possibilities and opportunities. In the future I hope that I can also play my music abroad and that I can inspire the whole world. So the challenge is definitely there. I play a little bit of the piano.
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London Thor
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