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When I was 14, my older sister Suzette and I formed a singing duo after coincidentally discovering our musical talent and soothing harmonies, as our voices seemed to complement each other perfectly. After writing the original song Hold On we entered a local music competition and came in first place, which meant that we could perform a sold-out self-made showcase for 400 people. Around the same time I entered a music competition held by Giel Beelen at Dutch radio station 3FM, 'Op zoek naar de Nederlandse Birdy'. With the original song Stolen Heart I got picked as one of seven finalists by Bart van der Weide (Racoon) and performed live at 3FM & De Wereld Draait Door. In the following years I pursued a degree in both Business Administration and IT. I never stopped writing music, playing the piano and singing: from songwriting and writing a topline to being the opening act for Guus Meeuwis at one of his concerts. Music has always been a major part of my life, and I love how playing the piano and singing makes me lose track of time. I haven’t released much music for you to hear yet, but I am open to all genres, especially (electronic) pop, country, folk and a bit of soul. Now that I'm graduating soon and starting a new chapter in life (I know, this sounds so grown-up ;) ) I cannot wait to pick up music and work on my own project or collaborate with others to create some magic!
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Currently I'm is not available for collaborations. Please come back at a later time.
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